How God Feels about Pornography

How God Views Pornography

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How does God feel about pornography? I know Jesus would not view porn, but more than just preach my morals, I want to provoke us to think for a minute.

Think about the girl inside

My heart breaks for her. Why does a young woman try sell her body? She could have a much better life. Where is her dad? Did he reject her? Did he abuse her? Maybe he is sobbing in shame right now because of what his little girl has become. Where is her husband? Was there no man who would show her true love? Surely, some guy admired her talents and her personality enough that she would not have to resort to only a skin-deep life.
She could have a deep, meaningful life. She could have children to talk to and tuck into bed, cry over and pray with. Instead of entering the comedies and tragedies of life, she has settled to perform the opening act repeatedly, without ever participating in its fulfillment. Rather than catch a man to prize and cherish, she has chosen to be the bait to lure him away from the only romance he should pursue.

Think about the pollution of porn

Pornography putrefies men’s minds. They no longer see women as a gift from God. They cease to see their own wives as a treasure and begin to see her as an object to act out their fantasies—if she rejects this, they begin to loath her and treat her as unworthy. Most pornography-addicted men become more obsessed with fantasies until they no longer respond to the romantic advances of their wives. They forget that love is not an act. You cannot make love. Love makes you. Love sees others as more valuable than yourself. Pornography, on the other hand, sees everyone as an object to be conquered. Everyone.
A pornography addict begins seeing all women as a sex object: his mother, his sister, his daughter, every woman he works with. Eventually, he will not be satisfied with fanaticizing about women, but will begin to look at boys and men. Even animals will start looking like sex objects to him. When the demon of pornography wraps its coppertone arms around his heart, he will see everything as an object of sexual expression. He will see “hidden meaning” and sexual innuendos in everything. The monster of sex will drive him to despise women and virtually everything else.
Pornography destroys marriages, molests daughters, breeds homosexuality, and turns humans into animals.

What does God think about porn?

Jesus said, “Do not even fantasize about a person who is not your spouse” (my paraphrase of Matthew 5:28). Some men say, “I can look at porn, and it doesn’t really affect me.” Right. I bet you can smoke dope without inhaling, too.
Jesus went on to say that if your eye causes you to stumble, you would be better off to pluck it out, than to let it take you to hell (5:29). If you cannot use the internet without being lured into pornography, then smash the screen you are reading this on. Destroy every point of access you have to this polluting crime of staring at people’s naked bodies. A child is ashamed to be undressed in public. You and I should be ashamed to look at others who are.
Pornography leads to another sin of masturbation. This filthy act cheats a person out of the intimacy of marital union. God designed sex to unite a man and a woman. Acting out sex alone perverts His design. After saying we should not have sexual fantasies and should not let our eyes look at wickedness, Jesus said if your hand keeps causing you to sin, cut if off (5:30).

How does God feel about pornography?

He would rather we mutilated our bodies to avoid it, than mutilate our souls and go to hell. The devil can be beautiful. He uses racy women and smooth curves to drag people to the lake of fire. Wives, help protect your husband from falling into this trap by giving him no reason to go elsewhere for fulfillment. If he is already into it, pray red hot prayers until he is free.

If you are reading this because pornography has already leeched into your soul, you must spit out the hook, tearfully confess your sins to the Lord, memorize scriptures to safeguard against lust, and destroy every point of access to that smut. You will know you are free when you despise porn and you pity those who victimize themselves for a living.

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