Can we legislate morality?


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After suffering some perplexing health issues, my wife and I discovered our home had been infiltrated. A subtle, noxious agent was causing headaches, earaches, and respiratory distress. In one corner of our log home, we found some rotted wood had allowed a tiny and scentless colony of mold to move in. Mold is a deadly organism which attacks millions of people each day.

Can you legislate morality?

Aspergillus mold under floor joist

Although not a disease per se, mold provokes many health issues ranging from asthma to heart attacks to cancer. Yes, these little fungi are no fun, guy. The spores can get through anything and irritate if not also lodge in your respiratory system. A chronic mold condition can start growing in your body if your immune system is weak or there are areas of previous damage where it can invade your body. Some people spend years going to doctors who treat their bizarre symptoms without ever finding the source of the condition: their environment.

Clean your environment

Mold is a lot like a lot of spiritual problems people have. To stop a mold problem you must clean your environment. Leaving out wet towels, ignoring leaks in your roof or plumbing, or leaving a room closed up can allow mold to grow. One must do some clean up to stop a toxic fungus.
Many people are spiritually sick today because they have allowed outside influences to pollute them. Whether it is the radio, television, billboards, internet, or people’s behavior in public, we are surrounded by sinful influences in our environment. We should not be victims, however, but should push back against this encroaching epidemic.
Walking through a wholesale club one day, I was frustrated that the big screen displays at the entry were showing a violent movie. Not wanting my children to be terrified by the scenes, I guided them down a side aisle only to encounter another screen in a furniture display showing more violence. We darted down another path only to run into another inappropriate television display. I marched straight to the manager’s office and explained my frustration with not being able to shop freely without fearing my children’s being exposed to things they should not see. The manager understood my complaint and in the past six years since then, I have never seen violent or sensual scenes on the TV displays in that store again.

Stop outside influences

Some people say, “Don’t try to legislate morality. You can’t force everyone to be good.” I agree. But we should clean up our environment. The world is a better place without drunks, druggies, or sexual predators. By cleaning up our environment, we limit the numbers of those who become infected with such sickness. I do not want to be part of a society that murders the unborn or praises homosexuality. My daughter should not feel unsafe in a public restroom or clothing store changing room.
Mold does not just grow because of a dirty environment. Mold spores are virtually everywhere and all they need to grow is a little moisture. If the temperature is over 60 degrees and the humidity is above 60 percent, mold spores can go to work. Thus, many homes have mold issues in the spring and fall when neither the heat nor the AC is running. A dehumidified home does not give mold a foothold.
It is our responsibility as moral citizens to resist the invasion of immorality in our world. Starting with my family life, I want a clean environment. I want to make sure my neighborhood is safe and not promoting evil. I do not want to see wickedness in my city. My state should have statutes that uphold morality and limit sinfulness. Our national laws should make moral pollution difficult.

Purify the air

Essential oil diffusers, ozone generators, and air ionizers have all served a place in cleaning indoor air of mold spores and other contaminates. It is not enough for us to just remove bad influences in society. We need to become influencers for good.
I would love to live in a world free of the effects of alcoholism and drugs, free of sexual perversion and adultery, and safe from anger and hatred. Even more, I want to live in a world where the power of the Spirit of God works in people’s lives. Homes, businesses, and churches should be beacons of hope and influencers of joy and hope in our world.
We should vote for godly morals. We should pray for godliness in our nations. We must clean our environment and make it wholesome.

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