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Approach the bench

Posted by danieljkoren on September 27, 2016 in Devotional |
What does it mean to petition in prayer?

If the cause is just, step right up!

Prayer does not make much sense to people. To some, it is begging. Others do prayer as a boring ritual and routine. Others cry and sob or crank out a sing-songy prayer. What should it be? More like a legal briefing and court petition. Let me explain.

God has a contract with His creation. The devil is the terroristic enemy of God who works against all of God’s desires. Jesus teaches us that prayer is where we right the wrongs of the evil one.

People break contracts all the time but nothing gets done about it many times because no one calls the law. If you want justice, you must petition the judge. This is not a matter of getting someone in a robe to agree with you. It is about presenting your legal rights and justice having to be served.

When you come before the bench, you need to honor the Judge. Don’t approach His bench in contempt. Recognize that the “Father in secret” is sacred and holy (Matthew 6:9). Just as you would put on your best clothes if you had to stand before a judge in court, so make sure you are clean in the sight of the Judge of all the earth.

The next step in prayer is to present case law: “Your kingdom come.” If someone had tried to kidnap your child, you could take them to court and prove that their behavior broke law. God’s Kingdom is to fill the whole earth. Everything is to be good, pure, peaceful, holy. It isn’t. That is why you pray. You present your case before the Lord until justice is served.

If you had a contractor work on your home, you would draw up a contract on what he was to do. If he changed things and did a totally different design, you could hold him to the terms agreed upon in the binding contract. Jesus told His people that whatever we bind on earth according to the Kingdom of heaven, it is binding (Matthew 16:18-19). The devil is violating God’s contract with humanity and we must hold up God’s promises until heaven’s enforcement officers (God’s angel army) steps in and things change.

Present your case before the Lord today. Stand for what is right and holy and good.

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