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Reserve Energy

Posted by danieljkoren on July 25, 2013 in Devotional |

A few weeks ago, we extracted over five gallons of honey from our beehives. People care about honeybees for one major benefit: honey. Bee experts can list several other great reasons to help keep bees alive and show you numerous benefits they bring to our planet, but similar to the way oil keeps America involved in the Middle East, honey keeps drawing us to study and take care of bees.
Something satisfying about the Lord draws people to the church. They do not come to see the box (the building). They do not care so much about the synthesis or processing of the product. What people want from a church and from you and me as believers is the sweetness of the Spirit. As children of God, we provide a product people cannot find anywhere else. Let’s learn from the honeybee how to develop something thousands can draw on from our lives.
God’s Word beats honey for sweetness and value (Psalm 19:10). While many people need honey from bees for physical health, everyone needs honey from God for spiritual health. However, this honey must be drawn out and worked before it is useful to you or others. It is not an instant supply. To understand how to build up a deep resource of richness in God, let’s examine the honeybees’ process of making nature’s healthiest sweetener.
In this analogy, we are not looking at “instant fix” kind of benefits from the Lord. We are looking at a cultured, stored up relationship that comes with time and discipline. Too many Christians have no idea what that is. Many people fall flat when they face bleak times since they have no reserve power source. A well-stocked life will be like Jesus in the wilderness, quoting powerful scriptures even when His body felt powerless and wasted. To learn how to have deep reserves in the Lord, we will spend the next few posts looking at these amazing creatures called honeybees.

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