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Healing report

Posted by danieljkoren on June 21, 2013 in Viewpoints |

I have heard of so many miracles where God miraculously healed someone. Some of these situations have a doctor’s statement to verify that the person is now cured. I know of parents who can hold the old x-ray of the broken bone next to the new x-ray of the bone now miraculously healed without medical intervention. The same is true of friends who have had EKG, MRI, and CAT scans to prove their miracle. We shout and praise God when we see such things. However, I wonder if we make a mistake here. I think we have it backwards.
When the doctor confirms, “You are healed and I don’t know how it happened,” believers get excited. Everyone I know in Christ gets excited about those things, and they want to run and tell their friends to share the news. And that is good.
However, there is another report. I’m not sure people get as excited about this report, but it is better than the doctor’s. Jesus says, “You are healed.” That’s a good report. God’s Word says, “By Jesus’ wounds you were healed.” That’s an awesome report. God says, “I am the God who heals you!” That’s a powerful report. That is exciting.

Doctor’s report confirms healing

I want to jump and shout because God’s report is better than a doctor’s report.  Long before the doctor said, “You are healed,” Jesus said, “You are healed.” See, the problem is that if we just wait for the doctor to admit to our miracles, we are no different than those without Jesus. Every customer who comes begging for a cure waits in dread of the doctor’s prognosis. If he or she gets a clean bill of health, then the party is on.
A believer has a more sure word than what a doctor’s scrawled handwriting can give. We have the Master Physician’s word that He is our healer. I can rejoice before the doctor even gets to make an examination. I don’t have to borrow the worlds “hope so” mindset when it comes to what is happening with my body. I can rejoice in hope now, knowing I have the Answer. Jesus is my cure. I have all I need in Him.

Jesus’ report is proof enough

Recently I went through an issue for many, many months. It was obvious, physical, and at times painful. Yet I refused to accept it. I claimed Jesus’s report and refused to even go get a doctor’s report. I had people tell me sometimes these things are just what God puts us through. Phooey. The Bible never says I have to live with a disease or a physical dysfunction.
The Bible says I am healed. I don’t care about evidence or symptoms, I care about truth. When fear would creep up on me about my condition and how bad it could get, I spoke scripture to it. I spoke in clear terms that the issue had to leave because my Jesus had already paid for my healing with the beating He took on His back. I hold God to His promises because the same God who takes away all our sins is the same God who heals all our illnesses (Psalm 103:3).
I get sick of people who say, “If God promised to heal me, why am I still sick.” They will return to a doctor for a decade letting him practice on their condition, but they won’t return to the promise in scripture twice. It is not about what I see with my physical eyes nor what I feel in my body. It is about a true report and His word is truth. I trust in Him. I rest in Him. I expect Him to come through. I do not throw up my hands and say, “God where are you?” I have to speak faith and expectantly wait. Not impatiently wait and then give up when I don’t see it.

Jesus healed my body

Last Friday, God woke me up with my cure. The pain that shot through body in the area I was having trouble was enough to wake me out of a dead sleep. It did not even last for an hour. I could feel my body purging itself of this condition and at the same time felt confirmation in the Spirit that the issue was gone. I thanked God and worshipped Him. However, I don’t think I rejoiced after the physical change came any more than I had before it happened. I already believed God’s report. When His Word says, “It is done,” it is just as exciting as when His Spirit speaks to me, “It is done.” Yes, Jesus, it is finished.
I have been a whole week now, pain free, worry free, from that issue. It is gone; what I could see and feel is not there now. Thank you, Jesus. Others are rejoicing with me now that the answer came. I wish I had a doctor’s report to prove it to others so they could also rejoice. However, I have something better. I have Jesus’ report—and that beats the doctor’s every time.
Several years ago, before this health issue sprang up, I did a research paper on healing and posted it for others to read. It is broken up into six sections so you can click through to the parts that interest you most. See what the Bible says about healing. Learn Jesus’ report and be made whole.

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