How do you worship God?

Worship You Can Do

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A golden throne sparkles as iridescent lights flicker a rainbow of color. The Lord Jesus, seated on the throne, shines blazing bright in pure white with a smile like the sun. Angels fly around the throne, shouting out “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!” Before the throne several elders bow and worship the Lord. They tell Him how powerful He is. They speak of His mighty works. They rejoice over His wisdom and beauty in Creation (Isaiah 6:1-4; John 12:41; Revelation 4).

Enter the throne room

We would all love to be in the very presence of God. Unfortunately, most of us settle for much less. We assume we will never take part in such a beautiful scene, so we succumb to life on earth. However, we have a ticket giving us special access to the throne room: worship. Think of it this way: if the presence of the Lord is full of worship, then worship is the way to get into the presence of the Lord.

Most people have no clue what it means to worship. Most people do not worship because they only focus on themselves. They have mastered self-worship, like the man Jesus told about who prayed to himself (Luke 18:10-14). Instead of praying about who we are, we learn to focus on the One who can answer all prayer. Rather than start prayer with, “Help me, God,” we should begin with, “My Father in the high and holy place, Your Name is sacred above every name” (Matthew 6:9).

Talk to God about God

To get started with worship, think of a couple things you know about God. For example, you might say, “God loves me,” and “He is powerful.” Just turn these phrases toward God now. You have just spoken praise, but when you change from saying “He” to “You,” you begin to worship God. So, say, “God, I know You love me. You are so powerful.” Just by talking to God about Himself, you draw nearer to Him. The more you do this, the deeper into His presence you go, moving further from the cares of this life.

Start lifting up Jesus the way the angels and the elders do in His presence and you will enter His throne room, in the Spirit. Leave behind your worries, frustrations, and disappointments. Why only talk to God when you need something? Graduate from beggar prayers to the wealth of worship. Find the joy of just being in His presence. After all, God does not need to be told how great He is. My worship adds nothing to Him, but it does everything to me. Once I have worshipped, I am ready to start praying about my concerns, which I will see now from a different perspective.

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