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"You have a write to your opinion."

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From brochures to book publishing, letter writing to webcopy, I help you communicate. Since people think in pictures, my writing shapes your message so readers "see" what you mean. After we fine tune your written work, readers will easily ascend the stairsteps of logic to arrive at your destination. Spare readers from wading through muddy thinking.

I do not participate in offensive or unethical writing projects.

Types of services:

Nonfiction. I love nonfiction, religious projects. Most people doze off and drool in their sleep after trying to get through preachy prose. You and I can stimulate their palates much more attractively (or at least get them to lick their thumbs and keep turning pages). I will work with your magazine articles, pamphlets, and book projects.

Fiction. I help you troubleshoot (and even provide funeral services for) those nagging flaws that keep your story from getting into orbit. I believe stories carry a more powerful and memorable message than non-fiction does. You can expound for hours, and people will only remember one good sentence. However, who can forget the message behind stories like The Good Samaritan?

Promotionals. It's not what you say, but how you say it. Most readers today skim written content (like you did with this website). Let me spark up your message so busy people can get the concept without taking off the afternoon. We can get their attention and get them to respond on just a 3 by 5 card. Every word counts.

Books. Yes, I want to see you get published, too. No, regardless of your book's potential, I do not work for commission or royalty agreements. I charge upfront.

I can help you self-publish at very competitive prices. In many cases I can revise, layout, and print your book for less than a commercial publisher charges just for printing.


My rates are as simple as 1, 2, 3. Simple editing of punctuation and grammar will cost less than 1 cent per word. Revising for smoother reading runs 2 cents/word. Rewriting with vivid language and powerful word pictures will run about 3 cents a word. For example, editing 100 double-spaced pages could cost around $200. To "rewrite" such a manuscript could run $900.

For unique projects, I charge $20 per hour.

Take a look at my writing samples or contact me now.