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"You have a write to your opinion."

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Prior publications:

Daniel's fiction and non-fiction regularly appears in the Vision. Visit the corporate website or for a personal reference contact Karen Myers.

Daniel has done research and writing for Perspectives magazine in Indianapolis.

Daniel does assignment writing for Christian adult literature printed by Word Aflame Press in Hazelwood, Missouri.

Daniel has done rewriting work for Missionaries Robert and Lizbeth Dame.

Daniel does freelance SEO content writing for TextBroker and The Content Authority.

Favorite links:

My current school: Urshan Graduate School of Theology in St. Louis, Mo.

My alma mater: Missouri Southern in Joplin, Mo.

My blog: Health and Homestead.

My main site: Daniel J. Koren

My favorite Bible study site: Bible Gateway.

My favorite webhosting service: Blue Host.

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