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What about Wednesday?

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Do you need teaching resources for Wednesdays? Do you teach an adult Sunday School class? Are you a pastor? Here is a great resource if you are looking for quality content to teach the flock you minister to. Perhaps this is a gift you could get for a minister you know.
Apostolic teaching lessons for Pentecostal Teachers

The Life! Training series includes 70 lessons with handouts, notes, PowerPoint slides, and home-study guide booklets! Keep your learners engaged with the scriptures every day and take them through a sequential study of Acts and the Epistles in a Pentecostal perspective. Teach the power of knowing God and how to live the teachings of the New Testament.

These digital files come on a USB drive, unlocked for you to print as many copies as you want and share files with your local congregation. Get this limited time offer now. This bundle of lessons would cost over $200 when compared to similar programs. You can get all these content-rich files for less than $50! We are in the process of repackaging them now and this pricing will never be as cheap as it is now. Get this year-end, 20%-off sale now!

Chronological lessons through Acts & Epistles

Included in each:

  • PowerPoint slides – Teacher notes – Student handouts
  • Student daily study guides
  • Extras for breakout sessions and discussions
  • Printable resources and e-booklets for tablets

1)      Divine Drama – lessons from Pentecost for ministry today. Acts 1-2

2)      Essential Elements – learning what the church is and does. Acts 2:22-47

3)      Sold Out – learning total devotion to spreading the message. Acts 3-4

4)      We are One – learning unity from the first body of believers. Acts 4-6

5)      Miracle Living – discover the practical side of miracles. Acts 3, 5

6)      Unbeatable Faith – suffering for the sake of Christ’s cross. Acts 6-7

7)      Flex with Faith – strength and adaptability for the Lord. Acts 8

8)      Total Conversion – applying Paul’s conversion to our lives. Acts 9

9)      Second Conversion – overcoming traditions and prejudice. Acts 10-11

10)    Knocked Around – dealing with suffering and rejection. Acts 11-12

11)    Hear the Call – responding to the leading of the Lord. Acts 13-14

12)    Faith Freedom – living present, not past or future. Acts 15; Galatians 1-2

13)    Promise-Driven – motivation not from law but hope. Galatians 3-4

14)    Walk in Line – experiencing the power of crucifixion. Galatians 5-6

15)    Right for Ministry – learn your ministry type and place. Acts 16

16)    Turn the World Upside Down – setting society right. Acts 17

17)    Will 2 Live – finding God’s will in life and purpose. Acts 18

18)    One Love – learning the value of love toward God. I Thessalonians 1-2

19)    Holy Men – teaching men to live godly in spite of culture. I & II Thessalonians

20)    Man of Sin – understanding antichrist and end things. I & II Thessalonians

21)    Power to Overcome – conquer the devil and win for God. Acts 18-19

22)    Unworldly Wisdom – find the secret to God’s power. I Corinthians 1-2

23)    Build it Fireproof – how to build an indestructible life. I Corinthians 3-4

24)    Moral Victory – the art of keeping sin out of the church. I Corinthians 5-6

25)    Be Yourself – finding a place in marriage or singleness. I Corinthians 7

26)    Outward Focus – getting ahead by looking out for others. I Corinthians 9

27)    Follow Me – learning to not cause others to stumble. I Corinthians 8-10

28)    Reflecting Glory – celebrating your gender as a gift of God. I Corinthians 11

29)    United Uniqueness – uniting the organs in the body of Christ. I Corinthians 12

30)    Love Speaks – loving God and being His voice to others. I Corinthians 13-14

31)    Daughters of God – women in ministry, worship, and life. I Corinthians 11, 14

32)    New Body – awaiting the day we put on the eternal body. I Corinthians 15

33)    Lord Willing – finding God’s will. Acts 19; I Corinthians 16; II Corinthians 1

34)    Joyful Suffering – enduring hard times for Christ. II Corinthians 2, 4, 5, 7

35)    Son Shine – reflecting the face of Christ in daily life. II Corinthians 2-3

36)    Beside Yourself – living for someone beside yourself. II Corinthians 5-6

37)    Grace for Giving – understanding why we give joyfully. II Corinthians 8-9

38)    Fighting Falsehood – standing for truth even to death. II Corinthians 10-11

39)    Suffer Effectively – finding meaning in the pains of life. II Corinthians 12-13

40)    Shameless Gospel – seeing God in nature and in the gospel. Romans 1-2

41)    All Have Sinned – humanity failing to keep law or conscience. Romans 3

42)    Faith Alone – adding nothing to the finished work of Christ. Romans 4-5

43)    Adam the Second – dead with Christ in baptism by faith. Romans 5-7

44)    Law of the Spirit – living by Spirit power in the mortal body. Romans 7-8

45)    I am Chosen – joining the predestined body of Christ. Romans 8-9

46)    Declaring Faith – trusting in Christ, not our abilities. Romans 10-11

47)    Renewed Living – thinking like living sacrifices in Christ. Romans 12-13

48)    Belief Kaleidoscope – adapting to those with weak faith. Romans 14-15

49)    Tell the World – seeing how far the gospel can reach. Romans 15-16

50)    Loving Leadership – compassion-powered ministry then and now. Acts 20

51)    Voice of God – hearing from God in prophecy and for ministry. Acts 21

52)    All Things to All – Paul’s journey to Jerusalem and imprisonment. Acts 21

53)    Taking the Stand – standing for the truth in hostility. Acts 22

54)    Cheerful Captivity – enduring discouragement and rejection. Acts 23-24

55)    Unto Caesar – facing politics and officials with the truth. Acts 25-26

56)    Through the Storm – riding life’s trials with the Lord. Acts 27

57)    State of the Heart – understanding hard and soft hearts. Acts 28

58)    Familial Freedom – loving one another for the Lord’s sake. Philemon

59)    God’s Fullness – the mystery of God in Christ. Colossians 1-2

60)    He Nailed it – living free from the ritual and legalism. Colossians 3-4

61)    Wondrous Windfall – finding the riches of prayer in the Word. Ephesians 1-2

62)    Living the Mystery – manifesting Christ to the world. Ephesians 3-4

63)    Right at Home – living the faith where it matters most. Ephesians 5-6

64)    Joy in Chains – experiencing hope in spite of circumstances. Philippians 1-2

65)    Joy-filled Life – living the Spirit of Christ in a world of gloom. Philippians 3-4

66)    Blazing Trials – finding joy and meaning in life’s difficulties. James 1-2

67)    Working Faith – comparing Paul, James, and Peter’s faith. James 2-3

68)    Life Words – conquering the evil tongue with heavenly wisdom. James 3-5

69)    Chosen People – living distinctly at home and at large. I Peter 1-3

70)    Suffering Servants – thriving through trials for God’s glory. I Peter 3-5


BONUS! We are also including 18 more lessons for new believers. These also include daily study guides, handouts, notes, and PowerPoints:
Discipleship course for Oneness Pentecostal New Converts
God-to-humanity Relationship

  • The Glad God: Your Creator is Crazy about You
  • Jesus Christ: Man or God?
  • Christ in Me: The Mystery Continues

Human-to-human Relationships

  • Strong Family: Building Blocks for God’s Kingdom
  • Strong Church: Loving God’s People
  • Strong Witness: Sharing the Gospel in our Actions

Changing the Outer Person

  • Holy Money: Faith and Finances in the Kingdom
  • Holy Media: Understand Joy vs. Entertainment
  • Holy Image: Reflecting God’s Holiness

Changing the Inner Person

  • God Talk: Connecting with the Lord Daily
  • God Walk: Journeying in New Life Joy
  • God Shock: The Supernatural in Daily Life

Knowing His Plan

  • Eternal Life: Good News about the Bad News
  • Grace of Life: New Motivation, New Power
  • Word of Life: Treasures Old and New

Doing His Will

  • Team Mission: Getting Everyone Working Together
  • Life Mission: Finding Purpose and God’s Calling
  • Rescue Mission: The Joy of Soul-winning


Get it now for less than $50, have materials to teach your flock for two years.

Never be at a loss of what to teach or preach.

Hurry before the repackaging causes the price to go up!


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