How does Temple Run 2 end?

Temple Run 2 Religion

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The god idol in temple run 2

Grabbing a false god?

How does Temple Run 2 end? I can tell you.

Thanks to my kids, my phone has logged over 1,000,000 meters of running. Talk about breaking a sweat! My oldest son holds the household record of 16 million points in one game. We are over halfway to completing level eight and going on to level nine. Thank you Imangi Studios for bringing us more quality family time—no really, it is a group sport. Several gather around to watch each other break records—or get eaten by the demon gorilla.

Understanding Temple-Run-2 religion

Many people live a religion patterned after Temple Run 2. In such a panic to win, they fall short of true salvation. Think of how the game starts, you grab something that is not yours—an idol. The nasty monkey monster guards this god and comes after you as soon as you snatch it—if you dare. Then, you run for your life.

Too many people are “running” for eternal life. They think the good things in life are something we have to grasp after, something you grab and run. They do not realize God has promised to give us all good things. We do not have to snatch at peace and joy, God gives them freely. His love and favor cannot be grabbed, but are freely handed to us.

Jesus did not see Godhood as something to be grasped after—He did not consider it robbery to share in the divine nature. He humbled Himself. Instead of running for life, He laid down His life so that we can live. God is not a forbidden relic we must risk life or limb to snatch. That sounds more like the forbidden fruit. Adam and Eve grasped after the big no-no, and the ugly monkey of sin has been on our backs ever since.

Running from monkey on Temple Run 2

Running for fear

Where does Temple-Run-2 religion lead to?

Fear keeps most religious people running. They never find the hope and satisfaction in pursuing God. They just try to get away with all they can without getting caught and keep just a few steps ahead of destruction. Their private thoughts and actions in their own homes are somehow exempt as long as they put on a good show of religion to everyone else. They do not even know if they are running from God or the devil. All they know is that fear of the unknown adrenalizes them and propels them forward.

Such a life is miserable. You look for boosts and power-ups to shortcut your way to victory. You want the gold without having to sweat. If you can just buy your way up and luck out with a gem or two, you might be able to save yourself. But every time you stumble, the enemy is right there on your back.

How does Temple Run 2 end?

Temple Run 2 ends in the waterfall

Temple Run 2 "Save me" religion

I think it goes on forever. In Google Play it is listed as one of those continuous running games. I am sorry to see loved ones forever running and never attaining to a sure place in their religion. Faith is sure. It does not have to run, it is secure. True believers are running not from fear of what is at their heels, but out of faith-filled joy about what is to come. They are focusing on the upward call of God in Christ Jesus and His face makes your run easy, not break-neck dangerous. He smooths the path before us. Every obstacle, He will carry us over.

The endless and somewhat mindless fare of games on the market today all seems to follow the one, fallen notion humanity leans on: work your way up. Temple-Run-II Religion is a works religion. It is an attempt by one’s own best effort to rise to new levels. Get so many gems, run flawlessly for 2500 meters, collect enough coins, and we will promote you to the next level. Not so with Christ.

You were born complete. Your new birth in Christ made you what He is. You have nothing to earn. You do not qualify for spiritual power ups. This whole “game” is based on who He is and what He has done, not who you are or what you have done. Instead of running yourself to death, you rest in Him. Instead of doing enough to post your stats to Facebook and Twitter, you draw confidence that He has already won the game.

You start out complete in Christ.

What is at the end of Temple-Run-2 religion? The lake of fire. You will never be good enough to finish, but will die along the way. You cannot do enough good works to impress God. You must enter His rest. You must cease from your works.

Resting in God is not about laziness; it is about trust (Hebrews 4:12). Knowing you are well-pleasing in His eyes because of what He has done, everything you do is blessed. You live by faith. Faith in Jesus Christ causes me to do good things for others. Faith in Christ causes me to be patient and loving with my family. I had tried and tried to be a good person and was burning myself and my family out on religion. When I finally accepted His righteousness by faith, I have found Him living through me.

My son's high score on temple run 2

DJ's high score

I used to do ministry as a works religion—if I just told enough people the gospel, I would be approved by God. Now, I do ministry from a different motivation: love powered by faith. I used to run from my anger problems and run from my lust problems, but they kept catching me. Then I realized that I am dead to that old nature and alive in Christ. I qualify by entering His finished work by water baptism in Jesus’ name and by Spirit baptism evidenced by speaking in a heaven-given language (John 3:5-8; Acts 2:38-39; Romans 6:3-12; 8:8-16).

How does Temple Run 2 end? I don’t care. It is a blind dash into the unknown. I do know how my walk of faith ends, and that’s the only goal I have in view.


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