How does Temple Run 2 end?

Temple Run 2 Religion

Posted by danieljkoren on February 14, 2013 in Devotional |
The god idol in temple run 2

Grabbing a false god?

How does Temple Run 2 end? I can tell you.

Thanks to my kids, my phone has logged over 1,000,000 meters of running. Talk about breaking a sweat! My oldest son holds the household record of 16 million points in one game. We are over halfway to completing level eight and going on to level nine. Thank you Imangi Studios for bringing us more quality family time—no really, it is a group sport. Several gather around to watch each other break records—or get eaten by the demon gorilla.

Understanding Temple-Run-2 religion

Many people live a religion patterned after Temple Run 2. In such a panic to win, they fall short of true salvation. Think of how the game starts, you grab something that is not yours—an idol. The nasty monkey monster guards this god and comes after you as soon as you snatch it—if you dare. Then, you run for your life.

Too many people are “running” for eternal life. They think the good things in life are something we have to grasp after, something you grab and run. They do not realize God has promised to give us all good things. We do not have to snatch at peace and joy, God gives them freely. His love and favor cannot be grabbed, but are freely handed to us.

Jesus did not see Godhood as something to be grasped after—He did not consider it robbery to share in the divine nature. He humbled Himself. Instead of running for life, He laid down His life so that we can live. God is not a forbidden relic we must risk life or limb to snatch. That sounds more like the forbidden fruit. Adam and Eve grasped after the big no-no, and the ugly monkey of sin has been on our backs ever since.

Running from monkey on Temple Run 2

Running for fear

Where does Temple-Run-2 religion lead to?

Fear keeps most religious people running. They never find the hope and satisfaction in pursuing God. They just try to get away with all they can without getting caught and keep just a few steps ahead of destruction. Their private thoughts and actions in their own homes are somehow exempt as long as they put on a good show of religion to everyone else. They do not even know if they are running from God or the devil. All they know is that fear of the unknown adrenalizes them and propels them forward.

Such a life is miserable. You look for boosts and power-ups to shortcut your way to victory. You want the gold without having to sweat. If you can just buy your way up and luck out with a gem or two, you might be able to save yourself. But every time you stumble, the enemy is right there on your back.

How does Temple Run 2 end?

Temple Run 2 ends in the waterfall

Temple Run 2 "Save me" religion

I think it goes on forever. In Google Play it is listed as one of those continuous running games. I am sorry to see loved ones forever running and never attaining to a sure place in their religion. Faith is sure. It does not have to run, it is secure. True believers are running not from fear of what is at their heels, but out of faith-filled joy about what is to come. They are focusing on the upward call of God in Christ Jesus and His face makes your run easy, not break-neck dangerous. He smooths the path before us. Every obstacle, He will carry us over.

The endless and somewhat mindless fare of games on the market today all seems to follow the one, fallen notion humanity leans on: work your way up. Temple-Run-II Religion is a works religion. It is an attempt by one’s own best effort to rise to new levels. Get so many gems, run flawlessly for 2500 meters, collect enough coins, and we will promote you to the next level. Not so with Christ.

You were born complete. Your new birth in Christ made you what He is. You have nothing to earn. You do not qualify for spiritual power ups. This whole “game” is based on who He is and what He has done, not who you are or what you have done. Instead of running yourself to death, you rest in Him. Instead of doing enough to post your stats to Facebook and Twitter, you draw confidence that He has already won the game.

You start out complete in Christ.

What is at the end of Temple-Run-2 religion? The lake of fire. You will never be good enough to finish, but will die along the way. You cannot do enough good works to impress God. You must enter His rest. You must cease from your works.

Resting in God is not about laziness; it is about trust (Hebrews 4:12). Knowing you are well-pleasing in His eyes because of what He has done, everything you do is blessed. You live by faith. Faith in Jesus Christ causes me to do good things for others. Faith in Christ causes me to be patient and loving with my family. I had tried and tried to be a good person and was burning myself and my family out on religion. When I finally accepted His righteousness by faith, I have found Him living through me.

My son's high score on temple run 2

DJ's high score

I used to do ministry as a works religion—if I just told enough people the gospel, I would be approved by God. Now, I do ministry from a different motivation: love powered by faith. I used to run from my anger problems and run from my lust problems, but they kept catching me. Then I realized that I am dead to that old nature and alive in Christ. I qualify by entering His finished work by water baptism in Jesus’ name and by Spirit baptism evidenced by speaking in a heaven-given language (John 3:5-8; Acts 2:38-39; Romans 6:3-12; 8:8-16).

How does Temple Run 2 end? I don’t care. It is a blind dash into the unknown. I do know how my walk of faith ends, and that’s the only goal I have in view.


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  • Firnila says:

    I guess it’s not a surprise that so many people compare Temple Run exactly in the same way I do!!
    And my score is 27million xD
    Loved your blog entry!!

    • danieljkoren says:

      Great score. We are almost to level nine, but the kids have lost interest in the game. Kinda like rule-based religion. It gets old fast.

  • Dan says:

    I have a max score of 20Mil and have reached 3Mil meters.
    I have only one objective left – 10Mil meters to reach level 9.
    Then what….? Just keep playing…?!

    • danieljkoren says:

      That’s our last objective, too. Seems like it is just “run for fun” after that.

    • Bakkya says:

      I have completed that too. but the level 10 looks never ending. lost my interest.

  • Alexa says:

    My max score is 8 mil. Although my scores suck, I wanted to say I loved how u related this to God. It always brings a smile to my face to see & hear people talk about our savior! It’s sad so many people are just unbeknownst of Him. He is the reason for it all :)

  • big d says:

    You are the most retarded cunt ever.There is no god you moron….

    • danieljkoren says:

      Ha! Thanks for your thoughtful insights.
      I would be glad to discuss why I know there is a God. But you would first have to prove to me that you are more intellectual than you accuse me of being.

    • Jonathan says:

      I wish God will one day show you that he is real so you can eat all your words, many people that have cursed God had ended up dead is it a coincidence I don’t think so!!!

      • danieljkoren says:

        Okay, seems like everyone has gotten their opinions out there now. Let’s try to play nicely.
        Has anyone else lost interest in the game? I think it will take forever to get to level nine. I’m tired of running those same trails.

        • Alexa says:

          All I have left is infinirunner for level 8. Gotta keep hittin the 10 mil mark & slowly but surely it adds on. So getting every gem is important, plus I use the girl that has the running power up & it helps a lot. If not already, upgrade all your power ups & it’ll make getting to level 9 easier. Seems like forever!

      • Erika says:

        God does exist and his prove to us ? we are able to see it in being healthy , happy and overall our everyday blessings that a lot of people ignore .

    • Anne says:

      You are above most men , miserable , if I live my whole life being a Christian ,and find out there is no GOD (but there is) I lose nothing ,I have had a wonderful life ,wouldn’t,t trade it for anything . BUT if you find out there is a GOD ,you lose everything ,you will be in eternal Hell fire ,separated from a GOd who loves you and died on the cross for your sins .Hope you change your mind and accept HIM soon .You won,t be dead 1 second and you WILL be a believer ,but it will be to late for you then . THere are NO unbelievers in HELL ,they all believe now.

  • tjaay says:

    are u a preacher? :o

    • danieljkoren says:

      Would you believe? But I was a writer before I was a preacher. I started studying God’s Word when I was thirteen. Still can’t put it down.

  • Anees says:

    I had completed level 9 in temple run 2 after a long time and the game is still running and running……

  • nevin yeşil says:

    Hello, I’ve been a level 9 level 9, but also have the task is desc run miser ce Can you help me understand what should I do to complete this task?

  • shubham says:

    have reached 36 million.. still playing to break my own personal record! :)

  • Zero says:

    189 Million… Games pretty easy.

  • judy says:

    Im already on level 9. Still playing just cant find the idol.very frustating.

  • Giovanni says:

    I reached lev. 9. Very stupid play. Run for nothing.

  • Okayand says:

    Lol what did I just read!!! Haha

  • Abi says:

    I liked your blog but what does god have to do with temple run

    • danieljkoren says:

      The point of my post was that too many people are trying to run hard enough to be approved. They don’t realize that they are already approved by God. They run from fear rather than out of confidence and hope.

  • Papa says:

    HI ,
    I am already on level 9.
    Scored 74 million(52 million w/out save me )till my phone hanged..grrrr

    how does the Gems FOR Save me progress?I know initially

    Can someone fill in the blanks?

    • Chris says:

      It is 2^n – 5 gems for the nth save me after the first three save mes. For the 8th save me in the same run, you will need 256 – 5 = 251 gems.

  • Kameshwaran says:

    How to complete level 9…plz help me

  • Kameshwaran says:

    Three objects showing but it not complete

  • Pastor Scott says:

    Thank you Daniel for telling your story! My names Scott Dudley a pastor at Bellevue Presbyterian church in Washington this is a great true story my 2 sons r quite addicted to temple run also! I loved your take on how it the game corresponds with real life i will definetly be using this next Sunday.
    Thank You

    • danieljkoren says:

      I’m honored that you would use thus thought! Thanks for dropping your comment.

  • Ajay Goyal says:

    Reached level 9 and my best run is 72850 m and points r 27887350 . How to complete level 9 . Please help

  • mae says:

    I can’t find an end haha, my high score is 35mil with 95000 metres, if somebody finds an end, tell mee

  • GodRunner says:

    How does someone play temple run 2 and then think, “you know, this game reinforces my attitudes and intuitions about the stories in my preferred ancient book about the ‘son of god.”’ People need to start paying a greater social price for this nonsense so we can all move forward and create things like temple run 3.

    • danieljkoren says:

      Actually, you missed the point. This article was showing how the game is NOT like the ancient book. Living for the Son of God is not based on your performance but in what He has done for you. He has changed my life. I hope you come to know Him as more than an ancient book.

  • emily says:

    I love temple run 2 it does end at level 20 though u end up hiding in a cave and he passes u then u follow him and kill him

  • sai says:

    my score is 16 million
    hard to cmplt level 8

  • steve says:

    What to do after level 9 please h help can’t figure a out out I’m ready to delete game its became a waste of time without objectives

  • Raj Khadka says:

    Reached level 9 with the score of 72 millions but being unable to move further , and too not getting any hint .

  • Caitlyn says:

    I heard that u fall into a swamp at the end? Is it true-I wouldn’t no , only on level7.

  • hade says:

    frnds tell me how complet the mission miser run desc? by thy way i have scored 60 millin with 141543 run

  • subhash chander says:

    I have got 4000 gems after completing level 8. There is no movement in level 9 objective. Neither this information is available on net. 5500 games done.

  • son says:

    Level 9- objective is a bug in the programming of the game.
    It is not possible to complete the task as it is not defined.
    Quite disappointing after coming so far…

  • AJ says:

    I compleated level 8 but there is no objective for level 9.i dont know how to complete it.if you know plse tell me and my score is 49 million.

  • yitug says:

    Aaichya gavaat an barachya bhavat

  • atz says:

    hi, I finished all objectives but the progress bar of level 9 is still not complete. took me a while to finish infinirunner. did that and I was hoping level 9 progress would complete. this is really frustrating to see it incomplete while no objectives remain.

  • rahul naidu says:

    Hi iam already on 9th level my I score 35 million is 9 th level is rnd of the temple run

  • Sauarabh says:

    Hi Guys

    I have completed life time distance objective i.e. 10Million and my personal highest is more than 33 million.

    Completed all objective too. Nownit is Run for Fun..

  • ineye Gabriel says:

    I have a highscore of 54 million and gathered up to 6000 gems currently on level 9 and to be honest the game has kinda lost its magic to me. I just login to play it for daily challenges thats all . but I wonder what TR3 would be like .

    • spmvignesh says:

      That’s not a matter of fact, I have scored 64million,67X,and over 7500 gems and came to level 10…:-P

  • Daniel 3:17 says:

    I’m on level 10 with only the 10mil total running to do high score 49,486,593 longest run 102,647 69X, it’s been lots of running and enjoyment but Nothing compared to just Walking with Jesus, I have gained so much more than I ever gave up to follow Christ, and You’re right Grace is a Gift from God we could never earn or deserve! It’s Awesome to find your page Thanks for Your view and keep the Faith

    • danieljkoren says:

      Great job! Subscribe to this blog for a giveaway coming soon.

      • Daniel 3:17 says:

        After thinking more about your comparison I realized more. I have all the guys and power up and everything you can get on the game can’t spend the coins I collect on anything, and even having everything the game has to offer I’m not satisfied (at peace) like I am having God in my life, it’s not the material things that bring peace it’s having God and the Holy Spirit that brings Peace

        • danieljkoren says:

          Great thought. I just had a conversation along those lines with my children this morning.

  • Kimmykblu says:

    I’m at level 8 for a couple weeks now my high score is 3.4mil. It seems it doesn’t have a end I’m getting bored of it now.

  • krishna says:

    my score is 1billion

  • krishna says:

    hello my name is krishna n my score better than for u n score is 35,124,960

  • Corinna says:


  • Genet says:

    I just so happened to stumble across this, as i was playing temple run 2, i wondered to myself if it had an ending… Thats when i came to find this blog, its just what i needed to hear from God at this very moment I thank God for messengers like you… I pray God continues to use you for the purpose of His will..what an awesome God we serve..!!. It just amazes me…. God Bless..

  • Alhamdhi says:

    I don’t complete the level find all 10 masks and rings…
    because no box appear every run….

  • Melody says:

    Am a Christian and a massive Temple Run 2 player. I just want to finish the game so it’s all nearly tired up ya know?

    Thanks for your lovely analogy. Is brilliant. Have sometimes thought how awful it’d be for the characters if they were real just to keep running and running. You’re right though we often do thee same. Praise Jesus for His grace.

  • Melody says:

    *tied up. Though tired up may have been a Freudian slip ;)

    Level 9. Infirunner left.

  • Sami says:

    I’m at level 9 and I have only one objective to reach level 10 which is 10 million meters lifetime, I manage to get 4mil. My highscore is 86,000,000.

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  • anup kumar says:

    I have on last objective of Level 10 and short by few more coins to complete Level 10. Is it more levels coming thereon?

  • anup kumar says:

    My score is 1.12 multiplier 79x. Playing at last objective Infinity runner which few coins away to complete

  • sunil says:

    I have completed level 10, now level 11 is now seen, please help how can i gate level 11

  • sunil says:

    I have completed level 10, now level 11 is not seen, please help how can i gate level 11

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